1     Mesa Boogie F-55, Fender Twin Reverb or similar

2    Overhead condenser mics for drumkit

1    Large diaphragm Bass drum mic

3    Vocal Mics - preferably Beta58

3    Mic Stands- [Triopod with Boom Style]

1    Guitar stands



1    24 channel monitor desk capable of 3 mixes and that meets the following specs: 

4 band EQ on each channel, Hi, Low, 2 sweepable mids High pass filter on each channel 

5    Professional low profile Bi-amped wedge (EAW SM200 or similar)

5    31 band EQ’s for the monitor wedges  *If professional bi-amped wedges are not available a high quality passive box may be substituted.

Input List:

1              Upright Bass DI            SM 91

2              Guitar Amp Mic            SM 57 or Beta 98

3              Vocal Mic                      Beta 58

4            Vocal Mic                 Beta 57

5             Vocal Mic                Beta 58

6            Piano DI Stereo Left

7            Piano DI stereo Right